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What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra is a treatment for those who wish to achieve a more youthful appearance and remain natural looking. The main component of Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid, which has been used successfully in aesthetic medicine for over 50 years in cases of:

  • Facial volumizing;
  • Collagen stimulation;
  • Scar treatment;
  • Facial asymmetry;
  • Cellulite reduction;
  • Gluteal enhancement.

What is the ideal age to be treated with Sculptra?

Sculptra is a treatment that can be performed on both men and women of various ages:

  • 20 years: collagen production is reduced from the age of 25. This is the ideal time to start treatment with Sculptra, to keep collagen reserves active;
  • 30-40 years: Sculptra is ideal for wrinkle correction. It increases cheek volume and stimulates collagen in a natural way;
  • 50s: Sculptra is ideal for restoring contours, volume, and reducing facial sagging, as well as improving the jawline and other areas.

Through Sculptra, patients can get a facelift without the need for surgery, with results that can last up to 5 years.

The treatment step by step

  1. Evaluation. Schedule your evaluation appointment.
  2. First consultation - clinical. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss the treatment and the results you want to achieve with our medical specialist.
  3. Treatment. It begins with cleansing and disinfecting the skin. Sculptra is applied to the skin using a thin needle or cannula. The technique is practically painless because the product contains anesthetic in its preparation
  4. Post-treatment / results. You will see the result of the treatment immediately, however, it can be seen more visibly after 4 to 6 weeks. In 12 weeks the treatment reaches its peak, in which the skin becomes firmer, more elastic and hydrated.

Important note: Regarding the number of sessions required, the treatment protocols suggest one to three sessions, with annual maintenance. The number of sessions will be defined depending on the degree of flaccidity. In younger skins, generally one session already brings improvements and serves as prevention. More mature skins generally need more sessions and combined treatments.


Which areas can be treated?

Sculptra-based treatment is indicated for:

  • facial flaccidity: loss of facial fat due to aging;
  • treatment of nasolabial and labiomental folds: ("Chinese mustache" and "marionette" wrinkles);
  • Neck and neck flaccidity (sagging jowls and neckline wrinkles);
  • body flaccidity: hands, arms;
  • abdominal flabbiness: belly flabbiness after weight loss or post pregnancy,
  • flaccidity of the buttocks and thighs;
  • discrete increase in volume and improvement in the shape of the buttocks.


  • 1 application: 500€

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Sculptra increases skin thickness and firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is classified as a collagen biostimulator that maintains the natural appearance. In addition, Sculptra is safe and effective because it is a biocompatible and biodegradable product in the body.

How long do the results of Sculptra last?

According to clinical studies, the results of treatment with Sculptra generally last between 2-5 years. Patients who have 2-4 treatments with Sculptra, with 4-week intervals between sessions, show signs of product breakdown around 9-12 months after the course of treatment.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra stimulates the body's own collagen and helps reduce wrinkles, both superficial and deep, resulting in younger, firmer, natural-looking skin.

Is Sculptra safe?

The science behind Sculptra involves more than 50 years of use in medicine. Poly-L-lactic acid, belonging to the hydroxyl-acid family, is the main component of Sculptra. The same substance is used in absorbable surgical sutures because it is biocompatible, well tolerated, and effective.

Because Sculptra is a natural biocompatible product, it is easily tolerated by the human body, and is safe to be injected. Treatment with Sculptra is an effective method for correcting facial volume and sagging, offering natural results.

Therefore Sculptra is safe to use, as long as it is performed by a qualified physician. In recent years, Sculptra treatment techniques have been updated to produce better results and minimize side effects.

Occasionally, subcutaneous papules may form. These are not visible to the naked eye and are only detectable by touch. They usually form at the injection site.

This side effect is usually the result of Sculptra being injected too superficially, thus causing a papule to form. However, vigorous massage prevents this effect from occurring, and patients are instructed on how to perform post-operative care as soon as they leave the clinic.

Sculptra can be safely injected into the face, with the exception of the forehead and adjacent to the upper lip. The most commonly injected areas include the inframalar region, chin, cheeks and marionette lines, temples, chin, prepuce furrow and marionette lines. The region under the eyes and the lateral eyebrows are considered more difficult to inject.

Is Sculptra a dermal filler?

No, Sculptra is a collagen biostimulator, which acts directly on the skin itself. It is made of poly-L-lactic acid, which is a product produced naturally in the muscles.

Sculptra vs Dermal Fillers

Sculptra differs from dermal fillers in that it replenishes collagen in the skin. Sculptra stimulates this process gradually, offering long-lasting results that leave the face looking natural. This collagen renewal that restores facial volume, smooths wrinkles, and defines contours, allows the results to last between 2 to 5 years, while the results of fillers last between 9 to 18 months. Therefore, Sculptra acts for a longer period of time and is therefore more economical and requires less maintenance for the patient.

With Sculptra, the collagen stimulation process occurs over several months to restore lost facial volume, while dermal fillers offer immediate results through hyaluronic acid. Through Sculptra, the restored volume is therefore the patient's own body's response to the product. The skin becomes smooth and soft to the touch.

Can Sculptra lift the face?

Sculptra is a natural product that provides a facelift effect without the need for surgery, as it adds volume to specific areas of the face where patients have lost a significant amount of collagen and fat.

Since Sculptra is a natural biostimulator, it improves the texture and restores radiance to the skin.

What are the possible side effects of Sculptra?

Side effects from treatment with Sculptra are very rare, especially if the treatment is performed by an experienced doctor. Side effects include tenderness, redness, bruising, swelling, and formation of small lumps under the skin.

Small lumps under the skin can be treated or avoided if a gentle but firm massage is performed on the application area immediately after the injection, and the patient should continue massaging the face twice a day for 5 days.

Can I do micro-needling or radiofrequency after Sculptra?

The patient can safely undergo micro-needling or radiofrequency a few weeks after the Sculptra treatment.

Microneedling and radiofrequency do not have a negative impact on the results of Sculptra and can be useful for stimulating collagen in the superficial layer of the skin, while Sulptra stimulates collagen in the deeper layer, in the dermis.

Patient Expectations

Prior to treatment, it is imperative that patients understand Sculptra's mode of action. Biostimulating products should be administered gradually in the body. Sculptra is performed in 2-4 sessions over a 2-3 month period. The best results are achieved over a period of 4-6 months. For patients who wish to see immediate results, a hyaluronic acid filler is recommended.

The volume of saline used to dilute Sculptra is relatively large, so patients may leave the clinic feeling that their facial volume has increased. It is important to understand that this volume will decrease within 2 to 4 days and that the onset of collagen stimulation begins between weeks 2 and 4.

Patients should also realize that as the product is injected, bruising may occur. If this is the case, the bruising usually lasts 2 to 4 days. Patients should avoid taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications during this period.

Once the patient is satisfied with the facial volumization achieved, the results can last from 2 to 5 years. To maintain this desired effect, touch-up procedures may be recommended for certain individuals. Non-smoking patients have longer lasting results, as smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin and dehydrates the skin throughout the collagen stimulation process.

Application-related problems, such as redness and discomfort, can be expected after treatment. Some swelling and bruising may also occur, but is temporary and will last only a few days.

Most patients feel comfortable returning to their normal daily activities soon after treatment with Sculptra.

How does buttock augmentation work with Sculptra?

It is ideal for patients who wish to obtain more defined, natural-looking buttocks. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. The result can last up to 2-3 years.

What are the complementary treatments?

There are other treatments that can be complementary to this one, among them we distinguish the following:

Anti-wrinkle creams

Anti-wrinkle creams fight aging and moisturize the skin. They are divided into cosmetics, dermocosmetics, and nutricosmetics.

  • Cocosmetics: superficial action, they act to moisturize and protect the skin from the action of wind, heat, and pollution;
  • Dermocosmetics: these act in a deeper way, and have more powerful actives and substances to combat spots, scars, and flabbiness;
  • Nutricosmetics: such as collagen and antioxidants, help improve the skin from the inside out.

Filling with hyaluronic acid

Filling with hyaluronic acid is a technique that consists of injecting hyaluronic acid to fill wrinkles, furrows, and depressions. It is also used for remodeling, such as zygomatic/malar volume augmentation. Learn more on the page Filling with hyaluronic acid.

Anti-wrinkle injection

The effect of this application promotes the smoothing of wrinkles and expression lines on the face, mainly in the eye region (such as crow's feet), in the forehead region, or in the space between the eyebrows (glabella).

Other facial treatments

Learn more about each of them!

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