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Modeling Massage

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Modeling Massage

The modeling massage is a localized massage technique with a reducing and modeling effect that helps eliminate localized fat and cellulite.

In this massage, rhythmic kneading and circular movements are used to loosen fatty tissue and smooth the skin surface. By releasing the areas where fat appears most often, blood circulation, detoxification, and collagen production are increased.

Benefits of the modeling massage

The benefits you can get from modeling massage and are:

  • manipulation of adipose tissue;
  • loosening of the uneven adhesion between muscle and skin;
  • increased blood flow, which re-oxygenates the soft tissue;
  • improvement of skin function.

Important: note that these benefits can only be achieved after a few sessions. It is almost impossible to eliminate fat completely, but regular targeted massage can contribute to a reduction in visible fat as part of a broader lifestyle change.

For whom is it indicated?

Anyone can have localized fat, regardless of age, body weight, exercise levels, or body type.

Thus, the modeling massage is indicated for those:

  • has visible fat in problem areas such as: hips, legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, and belly;
  • has had other types of treatment for localized fat;
  • spends most of the day sitting down or has a sedentary lifestyle with low levels of physical activity;
  • you eat a diet high in fat and sugar and/or don't drink enough water;
  • lost or gained weight rapidly.

Note: It is effective for both men and women!


  • 1 massagem : 59€
  • Pack com 4 massagens: 219€
  • Pack com 8 massagens: 399€

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is modeling massage contraindicated?

Contraindications to modeling massage are people who:

  • pregnant women;
  • cannot endure physical discomfort;
  • suffer from cancer, acute infections and/or allergies, and thrombosis;
  • têm inflamação em curso
    Nota: se está sob os cuidados de um profissional médico, precisará verificar com ele se pode, ou não, fazer este tratamentos antes de efectuar a sua marcação;
  • are looking for a relaxing massage experience (this treatment involves extremely light pressure and does not work the deepest muscles).
What happens during the massage?

A modeling massage is a stimulating experience, with a few moments of intensity. It is a massage that focuses on releasing and soothing problem areas.

The treatment

  • Before
    • the therapist will discuss your concerns with you in order to adapt the technique;
    • She will lie on the table, and will be covered with a towel;
  • During
    • A cream with anti-grease active ingredients will be used to apply firm and fast movements to the skin, including the brush technique, the joint technique, and the grid maneuver;
  • Then
    • Although this massage is very vigorous, you should feel rejuvenated after finishing the treatment.
Cares to be taken after the reducing massage

Massages can minimize the amount of fat, but they are a short-term solution to deal with the underlying problem.

However, it is possible to get long-term results with continuous massage treatments, however, you should take some care, such as a healthy lifestyle, including a diet rich in natural foods, exercising regularly, and drinking water.

Does the modeling massage hurt?

Massage modeling doesn't exactly hurt. It can, however, be a little uncomfortable, since the areas of the body where cellulite forms can be/are super sensitive to the firm pressure and fast-paced techniques of the treatment.

If during the session the treatment becomes too painful, let the therapist know. She will do everything necessary to ensure that you feel comfortable.


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