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TriLipo Tripolar Radiofrequency

Effective for:

  • Arms
  • Belly

Reduction of flabbiness in the arms and belly with the tripolar radiofrequency method

Reducing sagging with tripolar radiofrequency has advantages because:

  • It brings results in a few sessions;
  • There is no pain and no lengthy post-operative surgeries;
  • It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


LPG Medic Endermologie and/or TriLipo Tripolar Radiofrequency

The treatments for cellulite depend on the degree of cellulite:

  • LPG Endermologie: grade 1 and grade 2;
    • It is possible to treat with LPG Endermologie alone.
    • I often tell my clients that this treatment is 2 in 1: besides having aesthetic benefits, it is extremely relaxing.
  • LPG Endermologie and the Tripolar Radiofrequency: grade 3;
    • The best results are obtained by interleaving the two technologies, LPG Endermologie and TriLipo Tripolar Radiofrequency.

Localized Fat

LPG Medic Endermologie and/or TriLipo Tripolar Radiofrequency

The technologies used, LPG Endermologie and/or TriLipo Tripolar Radiofrequency, are painless and require no downtime, and are effective in reducing fat (like that fat that sticks out of your pants or that tummy that never went away after you had the baby; or the hard to lose areas like the inner thighs, arms, and knees) quickly and effectively.

Appendicitis scar reduction


Treatment in 2 sessions of micro-needling. It is an advantageous method because:

  • It brings results in a few sessions;
  • It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Removal of moles and warts

Plasma jet

This revolutionary new technology uses plasma to contract and firm the fibers within the skin. There are no scalpels or lasers involved. Instead, the device emits a small electric arc (which never touches the skin). This plasma arc vaporizes the area, ionizing the gas in the air, which creates heat deep within the skin.

resultados antes e depois | remoção de sinais e verrugas

Stretch marks


Reduction of stretch marks after 2 micro-needling sessions

Drenagem linfática pós operatório

Drenagem linfática pós operatório

Na nossa clínica o procedimento é realizado por uma Fisioterapeuta com Especialização em Reabilitação de Cirurgia Plástica e Reconstrutiva.



Um bioestimulador de colagénio que mantém a aparência natural.

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