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What is microagulation?

O microagulhamento é um tratamento estético que serve para tratar a flacidez, estrias, cicatrizes e disfarçar manchas. Tal é feito através de uma estimulação natural tendo por base micro-agulhas que penetram na derme favorecendo a formação de novas fibras de colágeno, que dão firmeza e sustentação à pele.

Ou seja, o tratamento é uma forma de indução de colágeno, através de uma série de agulhas que penetram na pele, causando milhares de microlesões, num ângulo vertical, para que a penetração seja mais rápida e mais precisa. O procedimento leva a um aumento da produção de colágeno, o que efetivamente dá firmeza à pele, repara as cicatrizes e reduz a descoloração.

This treatment can be performed in two ways, using a manual device called the Derma Roller or an automatic device called the Dermapen. The latter has proven to have amazing results.

Dermapen has revolutionized skin micro-agulation, making it easier, safer, and less painful to achieve excellent results compared to the Derma Roller.

Os resultados são melhores, mais duradouros e o tempo de tratamento é mais rápido.


For whom is it indicated?

Treatment with micro-needling is indicated for the following cases:


Excelentes resultados com o microagulhamento na firmeza da pele.

  • 3 - 6 treatments are needed;
  • interval of 4 weeks in between.


Com o microagulhamento pode-se alcançar resultados quase similares a tratamentos como: laser, luz pulsada e peelings químicos, sem os efeitos secundários negativos e tempo de inatividade.

  • podem ser necessários um pacote de tratamentos;
  • are repeated at 6-week intervals.

Stretch marks

With micro-needling it is possible to treat stretch marks on almost any part of the body, including the abdomen, legs and breasts. Treatment time depends on the size of the stretch mark and can take up to 90 minutes for a large area, such as the removal of pregnancy-related stretch marks.

  • Up to 10 treatments may be required;
  • interval of 4 - 6 weeks between them.


  • podem ser necessários um pacote de tratamentos;
  • são repetidos com intervalo de 4 – 6 semanas entre eles.

Dermapen vs Dermaroller

Here are the differences between the two types of treatment:

Microagulation with Dermapen

  • Minimal epidermal damage, with less pain and bleeding;
  • Easy to handle on all facial contours;
  • Due to the vertical entry, the needles easily penetrate the fabric, without the risk of kinking.

Microagulation with the Dermaroller

  • Painful and with a lot of bleeding, due to the epidermal damage;
  • Difficult to handle in small or curved areas;
  • Difficult to insert the needles into the fabric (and the needles can bend).

Benefits for you

The benefits of micro-agulation with Dermapen are several, among them:

  • um tratamento que requer pouco tempo de inatividade;
  • natural skin rejuvenation achieved by stimulating collagen production;
  • a pele fica mais firme;
  • The results are instantaneous and improve with time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the sessions?
  • 1 sessão: a partir de 95€


  • 3 Sessões: a partir de 270€
  • 5 Sessões: a partir de 425€
Does micro-needling treatment hurt?

One might think that having several micro needles acting on the skin would be painful, but surprisingly, it is not.

Before the treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied, which will eliminate any discomfort during the process. Of course some people are more sensitive than others, but in general the feedback we get from clients is that it can be compared to a rough massage.

Is micro-needling treatment safe?

Yes, the treatment is safe. Micro-needling does not penetrate the skin's natural barrier, it only penetrates the epidermis to stimulate collagen production.

The epidermis heals quickly, usually in a matter of hours, and the skin can return to normal within 48 hours.

What is the recovery process like?

The recovery process varies. You may see results immediately after treatment, but these will be more visible in the following weeks.

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