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Treatment for Stretch Marks

The treatment for stretch marks can be performed with one or more of the following techniques



Sessão Microagulhamento Price
1 Microagulation 95€
3 Microagulation 270€
5 Microagulation 425€


Sessão Mesoterapia Price
1 Mesotherapy from 110€


Sessão Radiofrequência Price
1 Middle Zone (arms, flanks, buttocks, gluteal contour) 59€
1 Large Zone (abdomen, inner and outer thighs, buttocks) 65€

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After having my second child, and with bad eating habits, I gained a lot of weight. With the support I had at the Clinic I managed to lose 7 kilos and now I feel great! Thank you all.

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I always had many difficulties sleeping, I tried many therapies, but only with Dr. Michelle's help I discovered what a good night's sleep is. I am today a different person and with much more energy.

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microagulhamento estrias


Os resultados apresentados nesta imagem foram obtidos após duas sessões de microagulhamento, utilizando uma exclusiva combinação de X-ADN, darutósido, silício orgânico e Chlorella vulgaris.

Este tratamento melhora significativamente a aparência da pele com estrias e outras imperfeições cutâneas.

Stretch marks

If you look in the mirror every day and wish that something could be done about your stretch marks, it is comforting to know that today's technology finally makes it possible to solve them through various treatments for stretch marks.

Stretch marks are wavy lines that cross the body in a clear pattern on the surface of the skin that compete with veins and arteries to be seen. They usually occur because the skin has stretched beyond its limit, lost its elasticity, and collagen production has been disrupted. The loss of elastin and the interruption in collagen production causes the skin to have stretch marks in the upper layer of the skin.

Stretch marks occur in both men and women. The thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen of pregnant women are common areas for stretch marks to become visible. They often get worse with rapid growth, pregnancy, hormones, weight loss or weight gain.

Collagen production in the dermis of the skin is damaged and the dilation of blood vessels causes the development of early purple stretch marks. Inflammation and collagen breakdown can cause the production of melanin to be obscured. After a period, this lack of pigment leads to white pigmented scars.

stretch marks

Causes and prevention

Stretch marks can be caused by some medications, such as cortisone. They also appear when the skin is excessively stretched beyond its limit during pregnancy, growth spurts (puberty), or weight gain. Stretch marks can also be formed in children who have become obese.

Due to constant repetitive exercise, athletes and bodybuilders can also develop stretch marks. It has been suggested that stretch marks are caused by a high level of a hormone called glucocorticoid circulating in the body. This hormone is produced by the adrenal gland and its production increases during pregnancy, adolescence, obesity, and when weight lifting.

Some people may be more prone to stretch marks than others. Skin type can be a factor. For example, drier skin has less elasticity than oily skin and is therefore more likely to develop stretch marks. Stretch marks can also form more easily in skin with a high proportion of cross-linked collagen that occurs in teenagers.


Stretch marks can be difficult to avoid during pregnancy and rapid weight gain, however, keeping your skin protected and moisturized is key.


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