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Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is characterized by the body's difficulty in dealing with stress, caused by the exhaustion of the adrenal glands. The malfunction of these glands causes a decrease in cortisol levels, affecting the emotional state, making the person exhausted, sick, and weak. The most frequent symptom is physical, mental and emotional fatigue, which does not disappear with rest.

The fatigue can be such that it leads to a disruption of daily activities, even with the absence of other medical conditions associated with the same symptom.

Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands, it always responds in alert situations in the body. And it plays an important role in how the body responds to stress. It is necessary, but in the right doses.


One of the factors that leads to an increase in Cortisol is stress stress. Qhen you are in situations of stress chronic stress, cortisol remains constantly high. This translates into the deregulation of blood sugar and blood pressure, reduced insulin production, and a compromised immune system. Leading to sleep disorders, diabetes and hypertension.

On the other hand, when cortisol levels are low, the symptoms are exhaustion, fatigue, weakness, and depression. Therefore, the "key" is to maintain your natural curve.

In other words: when you wake up in the morning, cortisol levels should be higher, and as the day progresses, concentration should gradually decrease, with the lowest value being at the end of the day. In this way, it helps the person to sleep, maintaining a regular sleep pattern. 


Simply put, we can say that adrenal fatigue can be described as long-term fatigue that has turned into fatigue. Thus, if:

  • you feel inexplicably tired from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed;
  • if you feel a persistent lack of energy, both physically and mentally;
  • It is a problem that you have been feeling for some months now;
  • makes it difficult for him to perform his regular activities.

Then you may be suffering from this disorder.

In adrenal fatigue, in general, the first symptom is usually the feeling of exhaustion (primary characteristic, which can be alternating or constant). The fatigue limits the person in performing his or her daily tasks. If accompanied by mental fatigue, the ability to concentrate becomes a problem.

It can also be a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Weakness;
  • Lack of energy upon waking up;
  • Headaches;
  • Muscle and joint pain;
  • Intestinal discomfort;
  • Depression;
  • Loss of concentration;
  • Brain fog;
  • Bad mood;
  • Compromised immune system;
  • Difficulty in concentrating.


The cause of adrenal fatigue is not yet fully understood and thus remains unknown. Controversy exists as to whether there is a single cause, or multiple causes, for this disorder. Or even whether the cause is physical or mental. But in either case, the symptoms are very real for the person.

There are numerous enhancers, but in a general way, we can indicate among them the following causes:

  • Nutritional deficiencies;
  • Chronic stress;
  • Depression;
  • Immune dysfunction;
  • Inflammation;
  • Glycemic dysregulation;
  • Thyroid dysregulation;
  • Insomnia.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Adrenal Fatigue

How we can help

One of the main forms of treatment for adrenal fatigue is to adopt good daily habits, and eat a healthy diet. This is where we can help, with a functional nutrition consultation. This consultation will help in many ways, always focusing on you and your needs. It will be important to analyze several points, but the main ones are:

  • Nutritional deficiencies can compromise ATP production at the mitochondrial level, and supplementation is a simple tool to rebalance the adrenal glands (adrenals);
  • Adapt the energy intake so that there is no deficit (for example: in a case of adrenal fatigue, intermittent fasting or going without food for many hours is not recommended);
  • Promote an anti-inflammatory action;
  • Control your blood glucose;
  • Reduce or even exclude caffeine consumption.

Nutrition consultations allow you to give useful and simple tools to apply in your daily life, thus making conscious and healthier choices that will help you overcome a not so good phase!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the follow-up work?

At the beginning of the treatment, face-to-face consultations are usually every 4 weeks. It is not advisable to space it out much more than that.

Support is offered for questions that may arise after the consultations via Whatsapp or email. We like to follow our patients closely, especially at the beginning of the treatment. This way, the results are better.

What does a first consultation consist of?

The goal of the first consultation is to understand the patient's current health condition, with as much detail as possible, namely at the level of:

  • analysis of the entire family history, diet, physical activity, mental health, and weight;
  • analysis of signs and symptoms and history of laboratory tests;
  • anthropometry: weight, measurements and fat percentage;
  • goal setting (action plan);
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to order additional tests (to be brought to the second consultation);
  • prescription for supplementation, when necessary.

The first consultation lasts approximately one hour.

Is the consultation for the treatment of adrenal fatigue tailored to my needs?

All of our treatments are deeply focused on individualized care, this one is no exception. Treatment for adrenal fatigue, as stated in the previous question, is prescribed depending on the patient's current health condition.

No two prescriptions are alike, each person is unique and their current state of health is the sum total of their experiences.

The results of treatment vary depending on the individual, as well as the problem being treated. In some cases you can get quick results, while in others it may take several months or longer. As a general rule, the longer you have had the health problem, the longer you will need the treatment.


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